Keep up with what's going on in giant bubble blowing, as seen through the eyes of The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP's Commissioner, Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson!

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The BOMB Blog by Category:

Bubblegum Heaven
The History of Bubblegum
The BOMB Squad
The World of Bubblegum

The BOMB Blog by Individual Post, From The Beginning:

1st Quarter 2012 (includes Scoreboard).
2nd Quarter 2012 (includes Scoreboard).

Bubblegum. The BIGGEST Bubbles Ever Blown!
Bubblegum's Biggest Bubbles. EVER! As of 3/31/2012

Non-Bubblegum Blog #1: Commissioner Bickerson Reacts To Non Bubble Gum Websites That Have "Bubblegum" In Their Names

BOMB Blog 1: The BOMB Blog is Here! (A welcome to The BOMB Blog).
BOMB Blog 2: An Interview With Bobby (Best way to start, interviewing Bobby).
BOMB Blog 3: Bobby, where did all this bubblegum stuff begin? (A brief bubblegum history).
BOMB Blog 4: Why do you think bubblegum has become so successful? (The importance of big bubbles).
BOMB Blog 5: How did you get involved in bubblegum? (My bubblegum beginnings).
BOMB Blog 6: What are the goals of the bubblegumheaven.com website?
BOMB Blog 7: Describe The BOMB Squad and how it came about.
BOMB Blog 9: I cant blow a world championship sized bubble. Should I compete anyway?
BOMB Blog 10: Ive got other questions to ask. How can I get some answers? (Check out our faq page)
BOMB Blog 11: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. (Greats of bubblegum history got us where we are today).
BOMB Blog 12: BOMB Blasts-Great Moments in Bubblegum History.
BOMB Blast 1: Commercial Chewing Gum is Born.
BOMB Blast 2: Otto Holstein Opens an Extracts Company in Philadelphia.
BOMB Blast 3: Frank Fleer is Born.
BOMB Blast 4: Frank Fleer Marries Otto Holstiens Daughter
BOMB Blog 13: Over 6 Months of The BOMB Blog are Lined Up!
BOMB Blog 14: Google, Please Put Our Website in the Top 10 for a Keyword Search "Bubblegum."
BOMB Blog 15: Has Susan Montgomery Williams Guinness World Record 23 Incher Been Broken?
BOMB Blog 16: A Blog About the Flavor Of Bubblegum
BOMB Blog 17: Totally Bubblegum Websites and Google Rankings
BOMB Blog 18: Article: Bubblegum's Biggest Controversy
BOMB Blog 19: Bubble Gum Blowing Legend Starts Own Company
BOMB Blog 20: World Record Bubble Blower Introduces GUMpete-O-meter Bubble Measurer
BOMB Blog 21: Big Bubble Blower Looks To Compete Against Guinness World Record Holder
BOMB Blog 22: Article: Guinness World Record Bubble Blowers Join Forces
BOMB Blog 23: Article: Founding of BUBL Announced
BOMB Blog 24: Article: BUBL Issues Challenge To Guinness World Record Holder
BOMB Blog 25: BUBL asks "What's The Problem With The Guinness World Record Holder"
BOMB Blog 26: Article: BUBL Issues Challenge Results
BOMB Blast 5: Frank Fleer Joins Otto Holstein's Company
BOMB Blast 6: Frank Fleer Takes Over Holstein's Company and Starts Making Chewing Gum.
BOMB Blast 7: Frank Fleer Invents Chiclets
BOMB Blog 27: Expert Web Designers Rip BubblegumHeaven.com
BOMB Blast 8: Frank Fleer Invents Blibber-Blubber
BOMB Blast 9: Frank Fleer Sells Company
BOMB Blast 10: Frank Fleer Starts New Company
BOMB Blast 11: Frank Fleer Dies
BOMB Blast 12: Gilbert Mustin Takes Over Fleer Co
BOMB Blast 13: Gilbert Mustin Hires Walter Deimer
BOMB Blog 28: Does Bubble Gum Have Spider Eggs in it?
BOMB Blast 14: Gilbert Mustin has Walter Diemer Tend to an Experiment
BUBBLEGUM'S MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT-BOMB Blast 15: Walter Deimer Invents Bubblegum
BOMB Blast 16: Walter Deimer Trains Salesmen to Blow Bubbles
BOMB Blast 17: Walter Diemer Sells First Bubblegum
BOMB MEGA BLAST 1: CHAD FELL-Guinness World Record Holder- Joins The BOMB Squad!
BOMB Blast 18: Walter Diemer Has Bubble Blowing Contests
BOMB Blast 19: Walter Diemer-Big Bubbles Only Concern
BOMB Blast 20: Walter Deimer Becomes VEEP, Then On Board

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