Just be 18 or older and follow rules #1 and #2 below and then #3 before the end of the quarter. The default picture on your myspace page (which can be changed as often as you like) at the end of the quarter is the one that will be entered in the contest.
1. Start a Myspace account or use one that already exists (limit one per entrant. Consider a name not your own, and one that will look good in publicity. Name can't be changed). Then request an add at our Myspace page. 2. Fill out the entry form and click the "send" button. (Note. Email addresses may be used by only one entrant. To change your email address, send in a new entry form with the new address).
3. Before the end of the quarter, blow as big a bubble as possible with any brand and amount of bubblegum. Take a picture of it (this can also be an old picture or a "still shot" from a video, see "Coach's Tip" below) then put it on your Myspace Account as the default picture. See "IMPORTANT" note above, and rules #10 and #11 about pictures below.
1) Must be 18 or older. We reserve the right to request verification of an entrant's age.

2) The rules could change without notice at any time and probably will. Expect it.

3) Name changes on accounts or removal of accounts are not allowed. Doing so may cancel your entry for the quarter.

4) Though not required, we’d appreciate you placing BUBBLEGUM HEAVEN in your "Top Friends" list. More publicity for the contest will help make the best GUMpetition ever.

5) By competing, you give your consent to have (maybe a lot of) publicity made about you. Not all of it may be positive. If you might have a problem with that, DO NOT ENTER.
6) Competition in the contest is for the love of bubble blowing/GUMpetition. Prizes are the titles, fame, glory, publicity, notoriety, respect and admiration one can gain from excellent performance in the contest, and the opportunity to turn that into whatever the entrant has the ability to turn that into.

7) A year has 4 quarters (2008 has two, due to late start of the contest). They end on March 31, June 30, Sept 30, and Dec. 31. New quarters begin the next day.

8) At end of quarter all entrant's bubbles are judged, and then there's a 3 day appeal period. More on judgements/appeals below.

9) After appeals are judged, the BWC website is updated and the quarter's final results announced.

10) Entrants must own all rights to all pictures entered. If it's shown they don't have rights to their entered picture, entry may be voided and titles/points may be forfeited. The entrant may also be disqualified permanently.
11) All participants grant The BOMB Squad the right to use their names, pictures, contest results, and all other information they furnish or that the contest generates about them however they choose to use it. They agree to hold harmless and defend the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and it's operators from any claim or damages that may arise from use of anything related to their entry.

12) Other pages of the BWC may contain rules or instructions. These will also be considered official rules the contest.

13) The BOMB Squad reserves the right to correct however it sees fit anything it deems isn't in the interest or the spirit of the contest.

Win The

Myspace is a trademark of Myspace Inc. It doesn't endorse The BWC or The BOMB Squad in any way.

The BOMB Squad
All rights reserved.
The BWC may offer special entries and they may also be requested by the public. A special entry is one where a picture (or a video where a still shot may be removed) of a bubble may appear on the internet but either hasn't been entered or is not on a Myspace account. Special entries are strictly at the discretion of the BWC and may be refused, rejected, cancelled, or disqualified for any reason, at any time and without comment. For details, see "Special Entries" section below.



Need a picture to enter? Do you have a video online somewhere of you blowing a a big bubble that you own the rights to? You can probably get a "still" picture from that video that you can enter in the contest just by following these few simple instructions.
1. Play the video on your computer. When you come to the image you want (probably right before the bubble pops), press the three keys CTRL, SHIFT, and PRT SCRN at the same time. That copies the image. 2. Open a program like "Paint" for example, and paste it (by pressing the CTRL and V keys at the same time). An image of your screen should come up on the window. 3. "Select" the area of the picture of you blowing a bubble with a "box" or "square" tool. Then copy it (press the CTRL and C keys a the same time). 4. Open a new Paint window (press the CTRL and O keys at the same time) and paste it (press the CTRL and V keys at the same time), and save your picture.
If you haven't already, check out the Coach's Myspace site for the greatest tips on blowing MEGA bubbles!

When and How Bubbles Are Judged

Approximately one to two weeks following the end of the quarter.

1. All valid entries/re-entries for the quarter that are larger than the bubble blower's head will be gathered by the judges.

2. The judges will create a "Top Forty" (or less, if fewer than forty qualified bubbles are entered) list of all entries ranging from largest to smallest bubbles, based on their determinations of size.

3. "BOMBlastic" bubbles (ones which the blowers have taken pains to assist us in measuring, or that in some way help promote the contest) have "priority" with judges when bubble size is difficult to call between competing bubbles.

4. The judges will then notify those participants that the results are in and that the appeals period has begun (for more information, see below). After that, the judges will rule on appeals and the final results for the quarter will be posted.

5. The BOMB Squad may require verification or proof of bubbles that appear overly unusual.

How To Appeal A Judgement.

Disputes may occur about bubble size. If you think your bubble is larger than another bubble or bubbles that scored higher then yours, then you can appeal as below.

1. An appeal must be made within three days of the announcement to the entrants of the quarter's result.

2. All appeals must be made on the Official Entry Form.

3. An appeal may be upheld, rejected or unanswered (which means it was rejected). It may or may not be commented on.

4. If an appeal is upheld, a notice will be sent to any participants whose finishing position has been affected.

5. Once appeal deadline expires and all appeals have been judged, the quarter will be declared officially closed, and, unless a forfeit is declared, no other changes will be made.

6. Participants who make an appeal that is rejected will not be allowed another appeal for the remainder of the BWC year.

7. All unnappealed decisions and decisions on appeals are final.

The BWC may offer special entries and they may also be requested by the public. A special entry is one where a picture (or a video where a still shot may be removed) of a bubble may appear on the internet but either hasn't been entered or is not on a Myspace account. Special entries are strictly at the discretion of the BWC and may be refused, rejected, cancelled, or disqualified for any reason, at any time and without comment.

The special entries program is being run on an experimental basis, and may or may not become a permanent feature of the BWC.


There are many pictures and videos of bubble blowing on the internet whos owners either haven't heard of the BWC or who simply have not entered for whatever reason. Its the BWC position that these pictures should not be necessarily excluded from GUMpetition just because they have not been entered. We have began offering special entries as a way to possibly bring some of these pictures into the contest.


Special entries may be initiated by either The BWC or members of the public.

If initiated by the BWC.As time permits, The BWC may, by email, ask the owners of selected bubblegum bubble pictures or videos on the internet if they would like to have their picture entered into the BWC. If the answer is yes the BWC will then take a copy of the picture and place it on their website (without it being entered), and will email back to the owner with the full details of the proposal and request the owner to fill out an official entry form. When the owner of the picture fills out the entry form, the picture will then be entered into the BWC.

If initiated by a member of the public.

A member of the public may request a special entry. To do so, he or she would send an email to bobsquad@email.com, asking for a special entry of his picture, along with the webpage address (URL) of the page it appears on. The BWC then, at their discretion, and as time allows, would either process the request as if it were a special entry they were initiating, reject the request (possibly without comment) or email back with questions about it.

So why enter the regular way when you can get a special entry?

There are several reasons.

1) Theres no guarantee you can get a special entry. All special entries are processed at the discretion of The BWC, and only as time allows. The BWC is a pretty busy group, and there is no guarantee how much time they will have to process special entries. Getting a special entry may depend on luck. Making a regular entry will, if properly done, get you into the contest.

2) Making a regular entry will establish your presence as a BWC participant, and will allow you to recieve awards of participation from the BWC on your Myspace site. You will likely not have this capability with a special entry.

3) The purpose of the Myspace page is to give you the internet spot to build your own bubblegum legend. The BWC sees it's project as a permanent, long term, and ever expanding part of the bubblegum world, and we want our participants to see it as the same thing. We want both the BWC and it's participants to benefit, and by establishing your presence, you are laying the groundwork to do just that. With a special entry you don't have this opportunity.

To request a BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Special Entry, email us at bobsquad@popstar.com. (Over 18 only. Thanks).