1st Quarter 2008


Assuming we recieve forty entries or more for the quarter:

After the entries are judged for the quarter and the appeals process is closed, the top forty bubbles are placed in order from the largest to the smallest, as shown on the home page of the website. Points are then awarded to them as as follows: (If we recieved less than 40 entries, see below)

In order for a bubble to be eligible to make the Top Forty, the bubble must be, in the judges opinion, bigger than the head of the person who blew it.

1st place=100 Points (And becomes the new Bubblegum World Champion) 2nd=85, 3rd=80, 4th=75, 5th=70, 6th=65, 7th=61, 8th=57, 9th=53, 10th=50, 11th=48, 12th=46, 13th=44, 14th=42, 15th=40, 16th=38, 17th=36, 18th=34, 19th=32, 20th=30, 21st=29, 22nd=28, 23rd=27, 24th=26, 25th=25, 26th=24, 27th=23, 28th=22, 29th=21, 30th=20, 31st=18, 32nd=16, 33rd=14, 34th=12, 35th=10, 36th=9, 37th=8, 38th=7, 39th=6, 40th=5

In addition "Honorable Mention" points will be awarded. These will be awarded to everybody who entered a picture during that quarter that had never been entered before. Only those pictures that didn't make the Top Forty for the quarter will recieve "Honorable Mention" points.

To encourage participation, these points will be increased for each consecutive (back to back) quarter that the entrant participates in. They are awarded as follows:

1st quarter of participation=1 point.
2nd consecutive quarter of participation=2 points.
3rd consecutive quarter of participation=3 points.
4rd consecutive quarter of participation=4 points.

In addition, for each consecutive quarter of participation after the fourth quarter the participant will be eligible to earn 4 points for Honorable Mention.

If a participant scores in the Top Forty with a bubble that was in entered in the contest for the first time during the quarter, he will score points for the place he comes in, but no Honorable Mention points (only one point score per quarter is allowed). His consecutive participation string will stay alive.

Assuming we do not have 40 entries in the quarter:

If this should happen, then entries which had been entered in previous quarters will become eligible to be re-entered, under rules listed below.

1. The Bubble must be larger, in the opinion of the judges, than the head of the person who blew it.

2. The bubble must be declared on the entry form to be one that has been previously entered.

3. If the bubble blower entered a head-sized or better picture during the quarter, that picture will be used as the entrant's entry for the quarter.

4. All previously entered bubbles that qualify under this situation will be added to the end of the Top Forty list, from largest to smallest, after all the entries that had been entered for the first time during that quarter.

5. No previously entered bubble can score higher than 20th place.

6. All previously entered bubbles that make it into the top forty will score one-half the number of points the position it places in is normally awarded. All half-points awarded will be "rounded down" to the nearest whole number. No "half points" will be awarded.

7. Previously entered pictures are not eligible for "honorable mention" and can not keep a consecutive quarter participation streak alive.

8. If a previously entered picture is not declared on the entry form as being previously entered, the entrant is subject to being disqualified from entering for the next quarter if he is caught.