What is the

What do you get when you put together the world's greatest bubblegum blowers?

A lot of talk about the great things they've done and the great things that have happened for them because of it.

And a lot of ideas about how things can be better.

When you get a lot of people blowing bubbles, most of them want to blow the biggest ones. That's what contests have been about. You'd think.

See, people's main purpose for putting on contests is often not really to see who can blow the biggest bubble. A group of parents, for example, may put on a bubblegum contest to keep kids entertained. A bubblegum company may put on a contest to advertise it's bubblegum.

Which aren't bad reasons. Bubble blowers are lucky that these contests are put on and should be thankful for them. And they do answer one question. Who can blow the biggest bubble out of everyone who entered the contest, using the rules of that contest. But how really meaningful contests like that, even the biggest ones ever been held?

Has there ever been a contest specifically designed to find out who can REALLY blow the biggest bubble? BOMB Squad members are unaware of one. Could it ever be done?

That's what the BOMB Squad wants to do. Find out who can blow the biggest bubbles in a contest that has the least number of limitations possible.

The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is unique in bubblegum history. While it would be impossible to include every single bubble ever blown in the competition, the CHAMPIONSHIP uses the internet to bring a bubblegum contest to the world. To remove as many limitations as possible. And to include as many bubble blowers as possible.

The contest is not about entertaining a group of children. It has nothing to do with showing off a cute kid blowing a bubble with your brand of bubblegum, or showing that a certain brand of bubblegum is the best. Or showing that one brand tastes better then another. Or that one brand will help you do something (that has nothing to do with bubbles) better than another. It has nothing to do with brands.

It has everything to do with what the creator, The BOMB Squad, and YOU think is what's important about bubblegum. It's about leveling the playing field as much as it can be leveled and then inviting pretty much the entire world to slug it out for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP with as few rules as possible. Its about chewing any kind of bubblegum and as much as you want. It's about letting you participate whenever and wherever you want (that has internet access). It's about letting anyone of any age compete.

In other words the Championship is available all the time to the great majority of the best bubble blowers in the world. Plus it's available every day. Most sports say "there is no tomorrow." The Championship says "there's always tomorrow!"

That's what the Championship is. A bubble blowing contest by bubble blowers for bubble blowers. A contest that's whole purpose is those biggest bubbles, the only thing about bubblegum that really matters.