Is the GREATEST Bubblegum Contest EVER.


Here's Why

That's an awfully big thing to say. But it ain't braggin' if it's true. And here's why it's true.

There have been bubble blowing contests since bubblegum was invented. Even the inventor himself used to put them on. The question "who can blow the biggest bubble" has not only led to untold fun for generations of bubble blowers, it indeed has spurred bubblegum on to become the world's greatest food.

When you have competition, or as Chewsy Suzy invented the word and The BOMB Squad uses it today, "GUM"petition, everyone wants to be the best. What an elusive prize!

So who can blow the biggest bubble? There have been a number of high-profile, high-publicity, high-budget contests held where "champions," "kings," "queens," and "winners" have been named. And there have been thousands if not millions of smaller contests held at state and county fairs, Fourth of July celebrations, baseball games, schools, birthday parties, 2-man rumbles in the back alley, etc. All of them looking for the biggest bubble blower. All of them to settle the score. The BOMB Squad salutes these efforts and appreciates the work that has gone into them. BUT...

As the world's greatest bubblegum blowers, they noticed some problems with even the biggest of the big contests. If only a contest could be devised where most if not all of these problems could be eliminated, it could for sure be the greatest bubblegum contest ever. And thats exactly what they did. Created the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

To be the greatest bubblegum contest ever it had to be one created by REAL bubblegum blowers, ones who had felt the desire to win, had been tested by the heat of the battle and had emerged victorious. Ones who had bubblegum burning in their gut and bubbling in their blood as well as their mouths. Ones who had LIVED bubblegum bubbles. And The BOMB Squad was uniquely qualified to do it.

Probably the biggest problem bubblegum contests ever had was they were not created by bubblegum blowers for bubblegum blowers. The biggest and best ones were normally put on by large bubblegum companies for the benefit of those companies. That's not a bad thing. But they never could answer the question that really matters. Who can actually blow the biggest bubbles?

The problem with these contests was they had a lot of rules that artificially limited competition. For example, the type of bubblegum used. It had to be the brand of the sponsoring company, since they couldn't have a competitor's brand winning their contest. And then there were limits on how much of it could be chewed.

And there were other rules, like you had to be in the location where a competition was being held, when it was being held. That was a major lucky break for anyone who could get there. And normally these contests where held in the United States. So much for the possibility of worldwide competition.

Just going by those rules alone, imagine the advantage a person would have if he or she just happened to live next door to the place the contest was being held, and had always chewed the kind of gum that was being used and in the quantity that was being used in the contest, and didn't have to go to work or school or somewhere else the day of the contest. That's extreme (and to all too many of the world's best bubble blowers, insurmountable) advantage before the first bubble is ever blown or before any actual bubble blowing talent is even considered.

So these contests became events to show who could blow the biggest bubbles under the restrictive contest rules, and the results really didn't mean much more than that. They for sure didn't show who could simply blow the biggest bubbles.

That's a contest put on for the benefit of a bubblegum company by a bubblegum company as opposed to The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP which is a bubblegum championship put on by bubblegum blowers, for bubblegum blowers.


See, we don't care who wins this contest. We only care about who can blow the biggest bubbles. This is a real bubble blowing contest, not a beauty contest or a taste contest or a who can fit all the artificial criteria and then also happen to blow the biggest bubble contest or anything else.

And that carries on to the bubblegum used. Any kind is permitted, just as long as it's bubblegum. And you can use any amount you want. Again, this is all about bubbles. The biggest you can blow, however you can blow them (through the mouth, sorry BOMB Squad Hero Joyce Samuels!).

And then there is contest availability. There is immense opportunity to participate in the Championships. You don't need to be in a certain place on a certain day. You can be anywhere in the world night or day where you have access to the internet. Actually you can participate anywhere you want, you can blow your bubble anywhere, then whenever you can get the internet you can enter.

And then there's the "there's always a tomorrow" aspect to the championships. With most other contests you were a big star if you could enter and win it. Temporarily a big star. Soon the hubbub would die down and the thing was pretty much forgotten. And if you didn't win, well, there would be another contest the next year. Maybe. If you were still young enough and the company decided to sponsor it again.(Like for example, this year when they are not having one that we know of). Otherwise, that was that.

Not with the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. You can compete day and night, 365 days a year, from the comfort of your own home. If you don't do it today, you just may do it tomorrow. Or perhaps any day of the rest of your life if the contest goes that long. As long as it can be put on, the CHAMPIONSHIP will be there for you whenever you can attempt to blow your best bubbles.

Finally, this contest is available because of the love of bubblegum blowing, for those who love it. And love the GUMpetition. If you want to see the greatest bubblegum bubbles and have a chance to beat the ones who can blow them, the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is one place on earth where you can really do it. It's your chance to take on what could one day be the entire bubblegum world and beat the best, and maybe even one day BE the best.


It's created and put on by The BOMB Squad, The WORLD'S GREATEST BUBBLEGUM BLOWERS.

The biggest bubbles ever have been blown in it.

It's your chance at bubblegum fame and glory.

It's your chance to point your finger to the sky and proclaim "I'm #1!"