A BOMBlastic Tip From
The World's Greatest Bubble Blower
GUINNESS World Record Holder For Blowing The World's Largest Bubble
Chewsy Suzy
Susan Montgomery Williams

Susan Mont"GUM"ery Williams,


Guinness World Record Holder
Largest Bubblegum Bubble

Broke The Record Four Times
First in 1979 With a 19 1/4 Inch Bubble
Second With A 21 Inch bubble
Third with a 22 inch bubble
Last with a 23 Inch bubble on
The Regis And Kathy Lee Show
All using 3 pieces of bubblegum
(Per GUINNESS Rules)


The BOMB Squad


Died Oct. 1 2008

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Over the years I had many great discussions with Susan Montgomery Williams. I would like to share one of her great tips, written in interview form.

Commissioner Bobby “Boom Boom” Bickerson: Hey Suzy, how about a good tip for all those great bubble blowers out there?

Susan Montgomery Williams, Chewsy Suzy: Sure! Well you know Bobby, when I chew bubblegum it's all about the bubble. I didn't win a Guinness World Record because the bubblegum tasted good. Actually, taste was a big distraction. I didn't need it.

BB: Are you saying a tasteless bubblegum would have been better for you?

SMW: For sure. It would have allowed me to get right down to business of blowing bubbles. But I had a cure for that, and turned the taste thing into an advantage for me. To me, the perfect bubblegum would be one that was absolutely tasteless, had no sugar and was made for only one purpose. The biggest bubbles possible.

BB: Amazing! That goes completely against so many people who gush about what the best bubble blowing bubblegum is simply because they think it tastes the best. A tasteless bubblegum would be the best? Who would of thought?

SMW: Well, I’d imagine most if not all of sports greatest players probably think about what they do a bit differently then their competition. Something has to set them apart.

BB: I’m sure your right. You said you turned taste into an advantage for you. How did you do that?

SMW: Well, before I tell you, let me explain something about bubblegum. Try a little test. Take two pieces of the same kind of bubblegum. Take them out of the wrapper. Now chew one of them til its ready to blow a bubble. When you get there, take it out of your mouth and compare it to the unchewed piece. See how much smaller it is?

BB: Way smaller.

SMW: That's right. What's happened? All the sugar and taste has gone out of the bubblegum right down your throat. What do you have left? The stuff you need to blow your bubble.

BB: I see what you mean! In other words, you didn't need all that sugar or taste?

SMW: Of course not. The taste is a distraction. It gets in the way of great bubbleblowing. And we all know what too much sugar does to you. Who needs it? I didn't, so often I would get rid of it. A tasteless, sugerless bubble gum would have been perfect for me.

BB: Interesting. You said you’d turn this into an advantage for you. How did you do that?

SMW: Well, think about it. If I was GUMpeting with someone else and they had bubblegum with sugar and taste in it and I didn't, I had an advantage. See, that taste they were thinking about was a distraction. It meant they didn't have their full attention on bubble blowing. Second, they’d have to do more chewing to get that sugar out of the gum to get it ready to blow bubbles, which actually gave that person extra time to allow his mind to wander. Meanwhile, I knew in my mind I had that advantage, which would boost my confidence all the more. You give a great performer in any sport an advantage like that, and that person has pretty much won before the even competition begins.

BB: So how did you go about gaining this advantage?

SMW: What I would do is take the bubblegum I was going to chew and knead it with my fingers under warm running water for awhile. That will be kind of like chewing, little by little the sugar (and taste) will come off it and go down the drain, until eventually I had the stuff you need to blow bubbles with.

BB: Minus the unneeded taste and distraction, right?

SMW: Yeah, and minus the unneeded health problems too much sugar can cause.

BB: Do you suppose bubblegum companies who really market the taste of bubblegum will like what you are saying?

SMW: Hey, when I want good taste, I'll eat a candy bar. That's what they are made for. Bubblegum was made for blowing bubbles. No one knows that better than me.

BB: Of course they don't. No one has ever done what you've done. You're the greatest ever!

SMW: That's right. 29 Years and still looking for some GUMpetition, and not worried if someone beats my record because if anyone ever does I'll just blow a bigger one.

BB: Lady, when they made you, they broke the mold!

SMW: They broke the mold, I broke the record. I was born to chew bubblegum. My name even has GUM in it. Susan Mont"GUM"ery Williams.

BB: Whoa! Your totally BOMBlastic!

SMW: Of course. BOMBlastic is what being the greatest is all about!