2nd Quarter Results, 2010

Back when we started the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP back on 8-8-08, we weren't really thinking about how quickly our 8th championship would roll around, but roll around it did. This Championship featured some of the most spectacular and unusual bubbles ever blown in BWC GUMpetition, and the results feature some very pleasing bubbles.

Claiming his 6th BWC World Championship and putting even more distance between himself and the rest of the pack in the all time points totals was BG, in what is becoming what might be called "BG Patented Style." What made this a bubble to remember was not only its incredible size, climbing almost all the way to the top and coming close to exlpising his all time biggest bubble, but in a very unusual picture, half of the bubble appears in a mirror to the right of the bubble. And that was only the beginning of the unusualness.

Making her best bid yet at a World Championship but coming up just a little short was the United Kingdom's British Bubble Queen, who is becoming one of the hard luck stories of the BWC. Her first second place effort was in the inaugural BWC, when she again placed second to BG, who blew the first and second biggest bubbles ever blown in these two Championships. If she ever does break through the wall and win the world championship she would become only the second bubble blower ever from out of the United states to win a major bubblegum bubble contest, the first being London's Stunis, who won the 1st quarter of 2009 Championship. Her bubble was caught right at the moment it burst, forming a spectacular, almost heart shaped bubble, which is appropriate because we at the BWC love the British Bubble Queen!

The Bomblasticness continued with the third place finish of the great old pro The BigBadWolf65. The former Dubble Bubble Website Champion and BWC World Champion. In another unbelieveable popping bubble picture, this one featured a gigantic TRIPLE bubble with the outside one exploding. His great effort represents the biggest triple bubble ever blown in The BWC.

In fourth place we have what is undoubtedly the most interesting picture ever entered in The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. This one features the CandySam making his greatest entry to date. Sammy, one of only three to have entered every BWC, came up with a "contest within a contest" picture that will never be duplicated in bubblegum history. This prized picture features himself blowing a huge bubble as he takes on the one and only Chewsy Suzy, Susan Montgomery Williams, with his bubble being MUCH larger. This unbelievable picture was taken shortly before the tragic event that was to take Susan's life on Oct. 1st, 2008, the deadline of the first BWC. It is such a pleasure to see this picture, and a real thrill to see it entered in the BWC! Oh, the memories! (It should be noted, so that no one gets the wrong impression, this picture was taken as Sammy's bubble was getting to it's largest, while Suzy's was still getting bigger).

Rounding out the rest of the field were Squarepegs99 (5th), BlazerTheFox (6th), Michael, another who has entered every BWC so far (7th), and Bman2169.

Thanks again to all our great GUMpetitors for another succesful BWC. The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is the home of the world's greatest bubble blowers, and it seems like they NEVER fail to prove it's true!

bubblegumheaven.com 2nd Qtr 2010 results

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