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First ever 2010 BWC BUBBLEGUM CARDS!

Featuring The BOMB Squad
and nearly all BWC GUMpetitors-

Note: There is not yet an official way to obtain these cards in mint condition.

However, if your card appears on this page,
you have permission to attempt to create these cards on your own.

One possible solution might be to copy and paste them into a program like "Paint" and then group them togeother to get as many as possible to fit on a page, and then print that page onto paper card stock, then cut them out. If you have a printer that won't print on paper like that, perhaps an office supply store might have a printer capable of doing this. Good luck!
What The Statistics On The Cards Mean:

C=Number of Championships Entered

Q/1=First Quarter Competition, Final Finishing Position
Q/2=2nd Quarter Quarter Competition, Final Finishing Position
Q/3=3rd Quarter Competition, Final Finishing Position
Q/4=4th Quarter Competition, Final Finishing Position

PFY=Number Of Points Scored For the Year, also in the "Totals" box PFY means Lifetime Points Scored

LP=Lifetime Position. For the year, this means position finished in the Points Scored category for the year. In the "Totals" box
this means position finished in Lifetime points scored.

AF=Average Finish. For the year, this is the total of each position the Competitor placed in, divided by the number of competitions the competitor entered. Example. Let's say someone entered 4 contests in a year, and he finished 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th. So if you add those together you get 20 (3+4+6+7=20). Then if you divide 20 by the number of time he entered, the figure that would go into this box would be 5. (20/4=5). For the "Totals" box it would be the total of all the Competitor finishes in his lifetime divided by the number of appearances in his lifetime.

R=Records. Number Of BWC Records held at the end of the Year

A=Number of Awards Earned For the Year
(BWC World Championships, Susan Montgomery Williams Lifetime Acheivement Award, Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham Bubble Of The Year Award, Joyce Samuels Story Of The Year Award, BWC GUMpetitor of The Year Award And BWC Rookie of the Year).
bubblegumheaven.com suzy front bubblegumheaven.com suzy back
bubblegumheaven.com suzy cutout

bubblegumheaven.com enaught front bubblegumheaven.com enaught back
bubblegumheaven.com enaught cutout

bubblegumheaven.com joyce front bubblegumheaven.com joyce back
bubblegumheaven.com joyce cutout

bubblegumheaven.com earlthegumbubblecoach front bubblegumheaven.com earlthegumbubblecoach back
bubblegumheaven.com earl cutout

ATTENTION Earl "The Gum Bubble Coach" Hartwell:
We would LOVE to have a picture to go onto your card. If possible, please contact us about this.

And thank you for your contributions to bubblegum, you are a deserving winner of both the first Susan Montgomery Williams and Joyce Samuels awards!

bubblegumheaven.com bg front bubblegumheaven.com bg back
bubblegumheaven.com BG cutout

bubblegumheaven.com stunis front bubblegumheaven.com stunis back
bubblegumheaven.com stunis cutout

bubblegumheaven.com bigbadwolf65 front bubblegumheaven.com bigbadwolf65 back
bubblegumheaven.com bibadwolf65 cutout

bubblegumheaven.com AG front bubblegumheaven.com AG front
bubblegumheaven.com AG cutout

bubblegumheaven.com billyleg front bubblegumheaven.com billyleg back
bubblegumheaven.com billyleg cutout

bubblegumheaven.com britishbubblequeen front bubblegumheaven.com britishbubblequeen back
bubblegumheaven.com britishbubblequeen cutout

bubblegumheaven.com blazerthefox front bubblegumheaven.com blazerthefox back
bubblegumheaven.com blazerthefox cutout

bubblegumheaven.com bubblefan front bubblegumheaven.com bubblefan back
bubblegumheaven.com bubblefan cutout

bubblegumheaven.com ccccarly214 front bubblegumheaven.com ccccarly214 back
bubblegumheaven.com ccccarly214 cutout

bubblegumheaven.com dannymachal.com front bubblegumheaven.com dannymachal.com back
bubblegumheaven.com dannymachal.com cutout

bubblegumheaven.com gatemouthrb front bubblegumheaven.com gatemouthrb back
bubblegumheaven.com gatemouthrb cutout

bubblegumheaven.com michael front bubblegumheaven.com michael back
bubblegumheaven.com micheal cutout

bubblegumheaven.com squarepegs99 front bubblegumheaven.com squarepegs99 back
bubblegumheaven.com squarepegs99 cutout

bubblegumheaven.com superstarjtr front bubblegumheaven.com superstarjtr back
bubblegumheaven.com superstarjtr cutout

bubblegumheaven.com candysam front bubblegumheaven.com candysam back
bubblegumheaven.com thecandysam cutout

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NOTE: At this time permission is only granted to the BWC and to the GUMpetitors on this page to print these cards.

Want a card of yourself? Want to print these cards? Then enter the BWC and you're in!