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Bubblegum questions. People just always seem to be wondering all kinds of stuff about bubblegum and what happens at Well, I, Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson, Commissioner of the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, have some answers for you!

1. Why do you think the most important thing about bubblegum is big bubbles?

If you look back at the stories of when bubblegum was invented, you'll find that that was the purpose of bubblegum, the reason it's called "bubble" gum. To blow big bubbles. The man who invented it held bubble blowing contests in his home. He taught his salesmen to blow big bubbles. Both taste and color were apparently just afterthought, since he used flavors and colors that just happened to be available, and that flavor and color has stuck as the traditional "bubblegum." It simply wasn't about taste. His company celebrated, and sold bubblegum like crazy, because it could do what all those other great tasting candies couldn't do. Blow gigantic bubbles. Bubbles are the reason bubblegum was created, the reason so much attention has been drawn to it over the years, and what makes it unlike any other candy.

2. Why isn't the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP open to kids under 18?

That's a question that bothers us a lot, and it's not because we don't want kids in it. Kids are the life of bubblegum and we all remember chewing it when we were kids. We want kids in the BWC! Unfortunately there are some heavy duty laws on the internet that place a lot of restrictions on what websites can do when kids are involved. Do the wrong thing and it can get you in a lot of trouble. It's really sad because we want to create a lot of fun, but right now it's just too risky for us. So if your under 18 and want into the BWC, keep on practicing blowing those big bubbles, and when you get there, join in. Hopefully you are a future world champion, and well not quit until you get a chance to show the world your talent!

3. Why don't you recommend any type of bubblegum?

Our bubble blowers are the best ambassadors bubblegum has ever had. And probably it's cheapest advertising. If a bubblegum maker with a quality bubble blowing bubblegum wanted to sponsor us, then you might see us do it. Until then it probably won't happen.

4. Why do you think is the best website there is for bubblegum?

First off, when it comes to blowing bubblegum bubbles, we could only find one other website that is dedicated to bubbles. While it has a bit good information and a few pictures (its front page has a picture of a girl blowing a small bubble), it really isn't about BIG bubbles. And as for bubblegum in general? Well, how much do websites that go on and on about bubblegum taste and such really count? Candy is about taste. Bubblegum is about blowing big bubbles. And when it comes to blowing big bubbles there's just nothing like

5. Why can't you tell us which bubblegum tastes the best?

Because it really doesn't matter, and anyway some bubblegums that make a big deal about how great they taste you don't want to use to blow big bubbles anyway. For anyone who believes that they can blow a bigger bubble with a certain kind of bubblegum because it tastes better really should read the interview with Susan Montgomery Williams. The mere though of taste when competing with her was a fatal mistake. Game over!

6. Why can't you tell us which bubblegum is the least sticky?

Because we are all about big bubbles. Less sticky bubblegums aren't.

7. Why doesn't the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP offer prizes?

They've had some big bubble blowing contests in the past that offered some great prizes. That's great. But in most cases these contests were pretty much "here today and gone tomorrow," never to be heard from again. As were their winners. Many times these contests were entered because of the chance to win the big prize, and the real object of the contest was to promote whoever made the bubblegum. All that is good because it promotes bubblegum greatly. But the BWC is more for people who truly love the sport of bubble gum bubble blowing, and want to share both their love and their talent with the world. That's the reason the BOMB Squad put this contest together, because they love the sport and want to see it survive and grow.

It would be great to offer prizes, but the truth of the matter is the BWC is not put on by a major corporation or a bunch of rich people. It's a group doing it for the love of bubble blowing, a group that doesn't have a lot to put into it other then their time and that love. Prizes are great and may happen one day, but for now, the thrill of GUMpetiton with the world's best is what it's all about.

8. Why doesn't the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP have some kind of corporate sponsorship?

An excellent question that could probably best be answered by those corporations that are not sponsoring. It would take a bit of courage for a large bubblegum maker to sponsor the BWC, after all, what if their bubblegum didn't win the world championship? On the other hand what if a bubblegum company were to step forward and declare "our bubblegum really IS the best for blowing big bubbles, and we are sponsoring the BWC to prove it"? That would show supreme confidence, deserving of the praise that would likely be heaped on it by the world's greatest bubble blowers.

9. Why do bubblegum manufacturers often emphasize taste over bubble size?

Another question best answered by them but my own personal opinion is that possibly it could be that some bubblegums just don't have the big bubble blowing ability that othes have, and so choose to emphasize it's taste. Generally speaking, the more a bubblegum promotes it's taste, the less I might trust it's bubble blowing ability.

10. What does it take to be a BOMB Squad Hero?

Supreme bubblegum accomplishment at a stage that was critical to big advances in bubblegum, however, it has not been ruled out that in the future the history a person might create because of unbelieveable performance in the BWC may be considered.

11. What was Chewsy Suzy really like, personally?

Susan Montgomery Williams was an amazing character. She could go on and on and on about her incredible bubble blowing exploits, there was just so much to talk about, and if you were a person interested in such things, you could never get tired of it. She was above all an entertainer and with a fabulous sense of humor that put a smile on everyone's face that I ever saw her encounter. Of course there were a lot of people who said bad things about her, after all we all know what school teachers think of bubblegum chewers, and apparently that kind of thought continues on into adulthood (as evidenced by a famous youtube video of her and the comments that are made about her). She knew some people didn't appreciate her talent but that never seemed to faze her one bit. I think it only made her more determined. Simply put, other then the inventor of bubblegum himself, Chewsy Suzy simply had to be the greatest thing that ever happened to bubblegum and it was definitely great to know her.

12. What are some good bubble blowing tips?

First of all, to get inspired to blow gigantic bubbles and to make a name for yourself in the BWC. Then read Susan's interview, learn the basics of bubble blowing, get the best bubblegum available for blowing bubbles and preactice, practice, practice, always making sure you have a camera available to take pictures of giant BWC type bubbles. Also, if you go to the BWC homepage, you will find the URLs of all BWC competitors. If you email them there's the chance they may give you some advice.

13. How can you do this all for free?

It's a labor of love of blowing big bubbles combined with the amazing things you can do with the internet. Plus it's a chance to do something that will hopefully create some fun and allow people to maybe get a little more enjoyment out of life. Pretty darn swell, huh?

14. Why do you think your contest is better than other contests?

For many reasons. One is we are better because we are ongoing. If you dont win this quarter, you may be able to win the next. Or maybe next year. Or maybe years from now. It's great for someone to win the world championship, but then the job isn't over. Three are more championships coming up. More chances. And thats what makes it great for those who don't win. They've got more chances. With some contests of the past you had one chance and if you didn't win it was over. Forever. And if you did win, who remembered it? In the BWC your performance becomes part of the history of the contest, just like in sports. Part of your lifetime statistics. It's there and it can be checked out. Plus it isn't about some companies bubblegum, you have the freedom to use the bubblegum you want to use. Not just something someone from a bubblegum companies gives you to use. And you get to compete against some of the world's best bubble blowers, not just a bunch of people hwo happen to be wherever the contest is being held. With our contest, the only things that matter are that you are over 18 and can get a picture of you blowing a big bubble on the internet. Anywhere in the world. It's a contest created by bubble blowers for people who love to blow big bubbles, the way they have always wanted to see it done. Not a contest put on by a bubblegum company to showcase their bubblegum. It's the BWC. It's turned bubble blowing into a sport. It's the greatest bubble blowing contest ever!

15. Why can competitors enter pictures from long ago instead of just from the quarter the contest is in?

The purpose of the contest is to showcase big bubbles regardless of when they were blown. It's also an opportunity for blowers of bubbles long ago to have a chance to compete. We want great bubble blowers to get recognition regardless of when they blew bubbles. It's another thing that makes the BWC great.

16. I can blow pretty good bubbles, but I feel kind of embarrassed because they're not nearly as big as the world champion's. Why should I compete?

Because the BWC is meant every bit as much for you as it is for those who can blow world championship bubbles.

Back in Chewsy Suzy's day it was like this. Beat the world record and you somebody. Win a (extremely infrequent) major championship, and you are a somebody, at least until the thrill of victory wore off. That left VERY little room for anybody to be a "somebody."

The BWC turns all that on it's head. There are bubble blowers in all stages of bubble blowing from Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham all the way down to the littlest kid putting bubblegum in his mouth for the first time. And like in any sport they all need a place to compete and improve so that maybe one day they can be the greatest bubble blower ever. The BWC is that place, especially for bubble blowers over 18 who can blow a bubble at least as big as their head.

The BWC gives you a chance to know that it will be there for you hopefully over the years, allowing you to make what you want to make of your bubble blowing career. If you want to work hard and rise to the top and do it right away, the door is wide open for you. If you want to casually blow bubbles and improve over the years, that option is there too. But by competing you will have a way to see your success and improvement over time, and even if you don't blow really big bubbles, our lifetime points feature allows you the opportunity to climb over many others with your continued participation.

While the BWC is all about the biggest bubbles, it is probably even more like a big ladder you can climb. It's perfect for you. First bubblegum bubble you blow. First time you blow one as big as your head and you say "hey, I can blow one as big as people in the BWC!" Your first entry in the BWC. Your first contest results. Your improving results. Your first yearly results. Your first BWC Bubblegum Card. Then maybe your first yearly award. First World Championship. Then who knows. Your first TV appearance? Your first time making money from bubblegum? Then what? BOMB Squad Hero? Susan Montgomery William Lifetime Achievment Award? Movie Star? Who knows?

So yes you should compete. Because you can get into the action, get yourself a world ranking, then start competing in the BWC as it fits you best. Because it just may lead to great things!

17. How can I enter the BWC?

Just go to our entry page and do what it says to do, and you're in!

18. What if my question isn't answered on this page?

Then send us an email at bobsquad @ popstar . com

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