1st Quarter 2009 Results

The new year started with a new sense of purpose. To try to shake off the the tragedy and to try to move the BWC forward.

One of Commissioner's Bickerson's goals was to try to attempt to move the bubblegumheaven.com into a high rating on Google under the search for the word "bubblegum." It was his feeling that if the website could be moved into a respectable position that more people would see it and take notice of what was going on with the BWC. Publicity was the key to all that could be good for the organization, and a high rating in this search engine would be great publicity. He understood that it would be a hard, frustrating climb, but that the website had the potential to become the greatest bubble blowing website on the internet. So the push was on.

It was at this time that a new feature of the BWC was born. The All Time Biggest Bubbles Blown list. This list developed when we realized that bubbles that were being blown in the BWC were far bigger than bubbles that were blown in previous major bubblegum contests, and that our competitors deserved recognition for that. As of the time this is written, this list is ever expanding with BWC participants and BWC participants only since there haven't been any other bubble blowing contests of note.

In the BWC 1st Quarter, We had The CandySam and Michael in 4th and 5th place. Bubble Apprentice with another fabulous Chewsy Suzy Cinch blown bubble came in third. But the big story of all, indeed one of the biggest stories in the history of bubblegum, was a tie for the world championship between two time champion BG and Stunis, the famous blower of art bubbles. This was the tie that proved that a really great bubble blower like BG wasn't an all time lock for the world championship, but it went beyond that. This was the first known time that a bubble blower from outside the United States won a major bubble blowing contest, a milestone in bubblegum history. It also proved that the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was a contest not only for just people in the United States, but actually for people anywhere that could get a picture on the internet.

The events of this quarter were ones that began to move the BWC from trying to recover from the Chewsy Suzy tragedy into a bit more of a "moving forward" mindset. .

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