1st Quarter 2010 Results

What a great quarter it was! Twelve entries set a new BWC record for entries in a quarter, beating the old 3rd Quarter 2009 record of eleven, huge bubbles so competitive that it really gave the judges a hard time.

This contest announced the rise of a new World Champion, one that had made his debut in the previous world championship with a booming second place finish, AG improved on that fabulous performance to rise to the top and take home the BWC World Championship for the first time. When I saw this mans first entry I knew BWC competitors were in trouble and how right I was. AG blew a beautiful bubble to claim his first world championship!

After AG's standout bubble came the real competition. Charter BWC competitors BG and Bubble Apprentice slugged it out for a second place tie. BG a Five Time BWC World Champion is always getting a run for his money from the Bubble Apprentice, and did all he could to battle him to a tie this time.

Following them in order came BlazerTheFox (4th), former BWC World Champion BigBadWolf65 (5th), 2009 BWC Rookie of the Year Billy Leg (6th), former BWC runner up DannyMachal.com (7th), 2008 Joyce Samuels Story of the Year Award co-winner The CandySam (8th), who put his first bubble on the All Time 46 Biggest Bubbles List, Former BWC Runner Up The British Bubble Queen (9th), a new entry making his BWC debut, Bubbleman74 (10th), 2008 Joyce Samuels Story of the Year Award co-winner Squarepegs99 (11th) and 2008 Joyce Samuels Story of the Year Award co-winner Michael, (12th).

Congratulations all who entered in this record breaking BWC event, and we look forward to an even bigger one at the end of June. get your entries in!

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