2nd Quarter 2009 Results

The 4th of July, a day traditionally known for fun bubblegum contests across the country along with independence, brought the news of the results of the 2nd Quarter BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

This major news of this contest was the idea that a newcomer could come into the picture from out of nowhere and make a spectacular showing. It happened when DannyMachal.com came into the picture and blew them almost all away with his second place bubble. It was a great display that proved that newcomers shouldn;t be intimidated by the competitiion of the BWC. If they can blow a bubble bigger then their head then they have to the potential to blow them super huge and point-earning. All it takes is their participation. It was so far the best showing by a first timer in BWC. DannyMachal.com also deserves praise for the most creative use of an entry name so far in the BWC, using his website URL as his name, which is a great publicity-making lesson for all of us.

Putting on other great performances were Stunis, the co-world champion of the previous quarter in third place, and the Bubble Apprentice in fourth, with a really spectacular looking triple bubble which, possibly, upon closer exaimanation, it may be a quadruple bubble. That is an intersting bubble because there is a story on the internet about the president of a bubblegum company from many years in the past who blew a triple bubble that was called a "triple whammy" and apparently a really big deal was made over it. Well, this could be an example of something bigger than that, blown right here in the BWC. I'm probably 100% sure Bubble Apprentice's bubble was quite likely WAY larger than said "triple whammy." Rounding out the field was a most unusual looking picture of The CandySam, who seems to hawe a knack for unusual pics, and Michael, 5th and 6th, repectively.

Rising to the top once again was the great BG, with his usual dominating BWC performance. This was a most unusual side-view picture that I personally think is one of the BWC better looking pictures. This was BG's fourth straight BWC World Championship.

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