3rd Quarter 2009 Results

The 3rd Quarter was one where the BWC really began to snap out of it's funk with record setting participation. We had 11 great participants and 4 of them were brand new-both records (not counting the inaugural event where all were brand new).

It was an exciting competition with a three way pileup near the top of the hotly contested contest. Rising to the top once again was now five time champion BG. Would this man ever be stopped was a question batted aroudn the BWC? There's always the possibility. Stunis had risen up to nearly do it, but BG has always been just too much for the GUMpetition to handle.

After BG's great performance, things really got a little too hot to handle, especially for the judges. In a three way traffic jam between up and coming BWC star Bubble Apprentice, Stunis, the only person who had so far posed a real threat to BG's domination with his 2nd quarter tie for the championship, and sepectacular newcomer Billy Leg from the Windy City, the decision came to call it 2nd place-Bubble Apprentice and tie for third-Stunis and Billy Leg.

The battle raged up and down the list. We had great newcomers like long time bubble blowerlike Blazerthefox, who's fifth place bubble was a solid performance in an extremely competitive BWC, and Bubblefan, who really mixed it up with The British Bubble Queen, who was coming back from not being seen in the BWC since the inaugural event, and DannyMachal.com (7th, 6th and 8th, respectively), with great newcomer ccccarly214 just barely traling that group. Rounding it out were The CandySam, with a bubble just barely on the verge of popping, and Michael, keeping his BWC participation record alive.

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