4th Quarter 2008 Results

Having witnessed the development of the BWC, the chaotic decline of Susan Montgomery Williams and the practical dragging of the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP over the Sept. 31 finish line, the 4th quarter of 2008 was kind of a letdown. While the show had to go on, the heart wasn't really 100% into it. While it felt great to get it done, it just didn't really feel right knowing the inspiration wasn't there. It still doesn't.

Nevertheless it didn't stop some of our competitors from making some outstanding performances. BG came back and took his second BWC world championship with the 2nd biggest bubble ever blown in the BWC. The Bubble Apprentice, almost in honor of Chewsy Suzy, blew a huge bubble using the Chewsy Suzy Cinch, only one of two bubbles ever blown that way in the contest (he blew the other one too) to claim second place. Stunis came in third, blowing a conventional bubble after having blown one of his patented "art bubbles" in the 3rd quarter. Rounding out the field were Michael, the CandySam and Squarepegs99. Michael and Squarpegs both blew double bubbles in this competition.

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