4th Quarter 2009 Results

What happens when you mix a bubble blowing legend from the past, a spectacular but preaviously unheard of newcomer and one of the BWC's hottest upcoming bubble blowers? Well, in the 4th Quarter you have a blowup of epic proportions, and one that can push a great BWC down the list.

Coming back to compete after an absence dating all the way back to the inaugural championship was the famous BigBadWolf65, with an amazing looking double bubble that pretty much defies all description. This man, with a storied longtime bubble blowing history that includes winning Dubble Bubble's online championship, came back in true legends fashion to end the reign of 5 time BWC world champion BG, a feat that many were beginning to believe was not possible.

Battling it out for second place was a great newcomer from San Francisco, AG, along with the consistently great bubble blowing Bubble Apprentice. AG eked out the second place spot in what had now become the best showing by a BWC newcomer since the beginning.

Coming in fourth was BG, his first time out of the winners spot, but not through any fault of his own. The fourth quarter was the most competitive BWC to date, with the first five bubbles in this quarter placing 3rd through 7th on the All Time Biggest Bubble list. Challenging BG for the 4th spot was great second timer Billy Leg, fresh off his fantastic first time appearance.

Following them up were the British Bubble Queen and Blazerthefox in 6th and 7th, followed by Stunis, with another one of his great unusually shaped bubbles in 8th. After him came Michael in 9th, who's bubble earned himself a place on the BWC All Time biggest bubble list, and The CandySam, keeping his record for BWC appearances crisp and clean.

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