Looks like bubblegum
poetry to me!

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And pretty as a picture too!

Lots of good things have been said about CHEWSY SUZY™ and in many interesting ways (hey, I've been to a lot of different countries so you can just imagine). But there's never anything quite like POETRY being written you!

Check out these big-bubble inspired poems,and keep practicing. Maybe one day they will be writing poetry about YOU!

"CHEWSY SUZY's™ Humungous Bubble"
By Don W

What a great CHEWSY SUZY™ story it tells, "something like" the way it happened. Thanks for the effort, Don "Wan." Great poem! :)

"The Biggest Bubble-Gum Bubble Ever Blown"
From the book
"A Book of Firsts: Doers, Shakers and Record Breakers"
By J. Patrick Lewis
(This book can be purchased at amazon.com, see links on the poetry page and to Mr. Lewis' website!).

This is a poem in a book about other famous people who have done some big things. When you see the cover of the book you'll know why I like it! Thank You, Mr. Lewis!