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Did you know bubblegum is the World's Greatest Food?

Huh? Bubblegum is a food?

Yes, it definately is classified as a food. And while some may argue that it's not the world's greatest, they would have quite an argument to make for anything else.

They could say that this or that has more nutrition, but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about a food that is a lot of fun and can be turned into a real, measurable SPORT.

What the...bubblegum is the greatest food in the world and a SPORT??? What is this woman talking about?

Well, stop and think of all the "food contests" there might be. Pie eating? Hot dog eating? Mountain oyster eating? Live goldfish eating? Beer drinking? Cigarette smoking? Or what? What's the object? Eating or drinking the most of it and you win?

See, bubblegum is different from all that. It isn't how much of it you can eat. That just limits those things to a very select crowd. When it comes down to how much a person can eat, how much "talent" is really involved in that? In bubblegum blowing you need both talent and technique, and you have to lay it on the line when it's time to do it. And on top of it all, the field is wide open for nearly all to participate in. You don't have to big or tall or small. You don't need a special playing field. You don't need a lot of money. You don't need to look good. You don't need a team, not even a partner. In fact the sport of bubble blowing may be one of the most accessible that exists. The most unlikely person could rise to the top. Actually when you think about it that way you might be talking about not just the greatest food in the world, you might be also talking about bubblegum blowing being the greatest sport in the world!

What other food can do that? What other food can you have so much fun with? What other sport can do what bubblegum allows you to do?

If you don't have an answer, than I do believe you've just learned something.

Bubblegum is definately The World's Greatest Food!