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Here's a poem from the book
"A Book of Firsts: Doers, Shakers and Record Breakers"
By J. Patrick Lewis

The Biggest Bubble-Gum Bubble Ever Blown
23 inches wide-Fresno, California-July 19,1994

Susan Montgomery Williams one day
Had nothing to do when she went out to play
So she took out some gum
And she started to chew
And to chew and to chew.
(Like a panda bear munching
A stalk of bamboo.)

And Susan Montgomery
Williams just knew
If she blew and she blew
And she blew and she blew
She'd pop the world gum-blowing
Record in two!

And the bubble? It grew
And it grew and it grew
Until it had grown a foot wide
And then...two!
If bubble gum blowers
Belonged in Who's Who,
They'd add Ms. Montgomery Williams- That's Sue!

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