I've had big fun. And I want to see you have it too!

People ask me
all the time. Where
can I buy something
to measure my bubbles?
Well, here at
of course!

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Blowing 'em like
this is really BIG fun!

That's right.

I've had a lifetime that just couldn't have happened without bubblegum, and now my goal is to make sure the rest of the world has fun too.

You see, the bubblegum world has been like this. There's the world record holder, yours truly. Then occasionally there are people out there who win bubbleblowing contests and maybe win a prize and a bit of fleeting fame. Then there's everyone else, loyally blowing bubbles for the fun of it. Thinking it would be nice to experience some bubblegum glory but knowing it probably won't happen for them.

I'm here to do something about that!

See here. Lots of people will tell you things about bubble gum. "Oh this one tastes better then that one. This one will help you do other things you do better than that one. This one doesn't make as big a mess as that one." I've heard it all.

If there is one thing you need to know about bubblegum it's this:

Bubblegum is all about having FUN and BLOWING BIG BUBBLES.

And that's what I'm doing this for. To make BIG FUN and show people how to blow BIG BUBBLES and to help a lot of people experience some of the GLORY that bubblegum has provided me.

So I'm asking you to bookmark the CHEWSY SUZY™ website and check it regularly. We have some really fun and exciting plans I know your going to love.

And tell your friends!