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They asked me what my 10 favorite accomplishments were. When you have so many that’s a tough list to make, but I'll give it a good try!

CHEWSY SUZY™. My 10 Favorite Accomplishments...

1. Broke the World Record for biggest bubble blown, 19 1/4 inches (previous record was 17 inches).

2. Broke my own record on National TV with a 23 inch bubble.

3. Invented the "CHEWSY SUZY CINCH™" and set the bubblegum blowing world on it's ear.

4. Created the CHEWSY SUZY "GUM"pete-0-meter™ because the world needs a way to measure it's bubbles.

5. Invented my own bubblegum remover (a must for giant bubble blowing).

6. Traveled the United States, and countries in Europe and Asia promoting my bubblegum talents.

7. Blew an underwater bubble on Japanese T.V.

8. Popped gum so loud a National TV show took me to a sound lab to have the noise level measured.

9. Made many appearances on T.V., in public, and in newspapers, magazines, and in bubblegum print.

10. Created multiple echoes when I popped gum at the base of the World Trade Center "Twin Towers."

Bonus "Accomplishment"

With a name like Mont"GUM"ery, this is what I was born to do.

Bonus "Accomplishment" #2

I know I could break this record again!

Favorite Future "Accomplishment"

Creating and living bubblegum’s future!