invented a whole new way to blow a bubble which put her so
far ahead of anyone else that she was able to break the
record,then break it 3 more times after that, then hold it
for 26 years, and still hold it. She has held the record for
over 1/3 of the amount of time bubblegum has ever existed!
Has anyone else in any other sport ever accomplished anything
as big as that?

That makes her accomplishments perhaps the most astounding
in sports history, and when you consider that if her record
is ever broken it will most likely be by someone who uses
her method, "The CHEWSY SUZY Cinch™"and probably use a
"GUM"pete-0-meter™ to measure it, along with the publicity
she has brought to the sport itself, she undoubtedly has a
lock on the title "Greatest Bubblegum Blower of All Times!"

Can it get any
better than that?

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Halfway unCINCHed!


Sometimes when you're going for a world record you have to be creative. You have to know things other people don't know. Sometimes you have to invent things that don't exist.

One of the things CHEWSY SUZY™ is all about is education. See, I want you to be able to blow GREAT bubbles. I've invented things with bubblegum that never existed before (as far as I know). I want to see you learn them, become a great bubble blower, and who knows, maybe one day you'll be sharing what you learn with the world!

One of my problems with blowing bubbles is that my chin and nose have a habit of trying to pop my bubbles. Well, I had to do something about that if I was going to blow bigger bubbles. But what? Like they say, "necessity is the mother of invention." I had a need, so I had to start inventing (which is what I hope many people start doing with bubblegum. The more we all know about it, the better). But what?

After a lot of experimenting I figured out a way I could "support" the bubble with my fingers, allowing me to blow a bigger bubble. After learning how to do this I found I could make bigger and bigger bubbles. That's when I knew I was on my way!

Anyway, I've used the technique on all my world record bubbles, and bigger bubbles I've blown that weren't official world records. It's now known as the "CHEWSY SUZY CINCH™." Give it a try! If you can learn it I'm sure you'll open the door to blowing bigger and bigger bubbles!

I've got to warn you though. Give a bookmark, because I think you'll be back here for a "GUM"pete-O-meter if you don't have one already. You'll be wanting to measure those bubbles!

Oh, hey, and one other thing. If you happen to do something new and exciting with bubblegum, send me an email ( and let me know. I'd love to hear from you!