Bring me to YOUR
event! Maybe I can
measure YOUR bubble!

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Got an event planned? Bring me to it!
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Parents and teachers. CHEWSY SUZY™ is your best friend!
CHEWSY SUZY™, Bubblegum's future, and YOU!

Can you blow a
wierd shaped bubble?

Got an event you'd like me to appear at?

Well I'll tell you. For anything from kids birthday partys, school or corporate events, fairs or even world television appearances, I'm just about there!

Imagine the shock and delight when the World's Greatest Bubble Blower appears with a big load of the World's Greatest Food. Imagine the education and demonstration that only CHEWSY SUZY™ can provide. Imagine the thrill of meeting the World's Greatest and experiencing it all in person!

And if your company would like to sponsor an event, just let me know. A CHEWSY SUZY™ appearance can provide a lifetime memory. And if it's your company providing the memory, what a sweet deal!

Just email me at and explain what you are interested in and when and I'll get back to you on it!